Its really high time to look towards sustainable energies like sun and wind for our energy needs and Solar water heaters are becoming popular day by day. To begin with it may be observed that the collector is kept normally on the roof top preferably facing south. Murickens Group introduces two types of water heaters: MG - ETC (Evacuated Tube Collector) and FPC (Flat Plate Collector).

In MG ETC model glass tubes are mounted on to the water heater tank to be used as heating pads and in the FPC model copper is being used for heating the water and the water heater is placed 4-5 feet below the main water tank. FPC models are more efficient , complaint free and durable compared to the ETC model and hot water will be available throuout the year because the tank is like a flask that can keep the temperature for long.As you know MG water heater is an ISO approved product and the list of our satisfied clients runs long and some among the galaxy includes the most reputed organisations like International Airport, Karipoor, The 7th battalion military camp, ISRO Sreeharikotta, Marine Fisheries Dept of India, Vallarpadam Container Terminal (IGTPL) etc in addition to a long list of some of our esteemd organisations in the private sector. It may kindly be noted that the instructions and supervision of a fully qualified and experienced technician is a must for the trouble free functioning of the system and to avoid unpleasant situations and unnecessary expenses.


Flat Plate Collector (FPC) is an insulated, weatherproof box containing a dark absorber plate under one or more transparent or translucent covers. Murickens has tested and proved since 30 years that this is the most common and suitable type for the climatic conditions of Kerala which give 80°C hot water with the help of normal sunlight and in the FPC model we have got two types of M G Solar water heaters - the Pressurized & the Non-pressurized types.

Murickens solar water heating device contains the solar collector panels, the working fluid (water) and the storage tank. Special black or dark green coatings are used to absorb the energy and the heat absorbed by collector panels with size of 2 meter length and 1 meter width with 9 fins is used to heat the water in normal capacities. When solar collectors are exposed to sun light, the water flowing through tubes in the panels is heated and the copper tubes transfer the collected heat to the water more effectively than aluminum, steel or glass tubes. The covering over the collector reduces the escape of collected heat to the outside air and the cover is transparent to short-wave solar radiation, but not to infrared radiation from the selective surface. The back and side insulation, typically R-value 12, reduces conduction losses and the heated water from solar panel is collected in a storage tank which is specially designed to preserve the heat for a longtime.


MG Evacuated Tube Collectors are the new version of solar water heater which is comparatively cheaper in price and in this system there is no electronic or electric current conversion, but only heat transmission.

ETC collector is made up of rows of parallel, transparent glass tubes and each tube consists of a glass outer tube and an inner tube called absorber which is covered with a selective coating.

The demerits of ETC models at times sited are, low temperature ie. heat only upto 40-5°C. water leakage through glass sealing, chances of brakeage of tubes when it is exposed to heavy sunlight and fungus inside the tubes that consequently lower the temperature of water. On rainy seasons it is always advisable to use electrical heaters and we are very happy to inform you that we arrange MNRE subsidies for all our solar energy products.



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